Saturday, January 18, 2014


An exchange of goods such as
luck or courage for coins in a fountain
in the square which doesn’t exist
hardly anywhere for some reason
beyond my understanding except
that money is a miracle for a home
and a home is quite essential to those
of us who need comfort to be nice—
also an important element of the
economy—after all being too kind
can be just as costly as being nasty
unless you have more power than
everyone else and even then they
say what comes around is what
went around when you weren’t
looking.  Intelligent self-interest
is good economics and implies
moderation in human behaviour—
a balance sheet on sending and receiving.
As far as I know it’s what you send
and receive that counts here. When you
send please be certain it’s something
you’d like to receive and when you receive
be sure it’s something you would send
if you could.  I can’t stress enough
how important this is when economics
is on the table.

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