Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Valentine's Card

Hello! This will not be store-bought
sentiment nor a fresh baked muffin
or garlic mash. This is not the perfect
martini or single malt.

The stories you read to me in bed
are not here either and this is not a promise
to love you more today than other days.

Nothing can be said that you don't already know.
But something should be observed beyond
the familiar footsteps from one room to another
the ritual brew of coffee and the laundry --

you are the sky the curtains and the toast
of my life, you are the father of my entry
into motherhood, the face I call home
and the arms of my inland security
you are tomorrow and the day thereafter.

First published in The Tyee within an article by Linda Solomon

-- Janet Vickers of Abbotsford

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